Youngseo Lee writes poetry and creative nonfiction, as well as translates from Korean.

founding editor-in-chief of Pollux Journal, a literary magazine dedicated to multilinguality // assistant poetry editor at Split Lip Mag // interviews editor & translator at The Hanok Review

selected publications

all publications

- "doña juana la loca", Cosmonauts Avenue (forthcoming) – poetry
- "On the Aesthetic Life", Nassau Weekly - essay
- “feigned sickness”, Black Warrior Review Issue 49.1 (in print) – translation
- "two women walk into a bar,", Denver Quarterly Issue 56.4 (in print) – poetry
- “ode", The Cortland Review - poetry
- "Islanders", Passages North Issue 43 (in print) – cnf
- "sunday (poem on the bleachers)", OROTONE Journal – poetry
- "Superstition" and "flash flood warning" by Park Joon, Asymptote – translation
- "plaza", "Scribbles", "today's menu", and "change of season" by Park Joon, AzonaL – translation
- "sudo python", A Velvet Giant – poetry, nominated for 2022 Best of the Net Awards
- “i, too, would like a manic pixie dream girl” and “are koreans human?”, Diode Poetry Journal – poetry
- "Playing Ghost" by Kim Bokhui, Chogwa – translation
- "chandler notes", Gone Lawn – hybrid, Wigleaf Top 50 2022 Longlist
- "Love Turns My Thumb Green" and "D-3", Lanke Review – poetry
- "solitary confinement in dancing" by Lee Hyemi, Chogwa – translation
- "someday i'll love youngseo lee", Kissing Dynamite Poetry – poetry
- "hypnagogia: in which i go bad in the summer", perhappened mag – cnf, nominated for 2021 Best of the Net Awards
- "love letter about the 43 hours i spent listening to giriboy in 2020", Ogma Magazine Issue 7 (in print) – poetry
- "gimme love: for my class of 2020", Peach Mag – poetry
- "autopsy, but flourished with prayer", Dishsoap Quarterly – hybrid
- "Mouths are for eating" and "translation of hi how are you it's been a while since we last talked", Hominum Journal – poetry and hybrid
- "Bride", Bitter Fruit Review – poetry
- "this house.", Emory Lullwater Review issue xxviii (in print) – poetry
- "Jomojeon", Entropy – cnf


- excerpts of "are koreans human?" in "GOHYANG" by Austin Kim
- reading translation of Lee Hyemi's "solitary confinement in dancing" and sharing analysis of other translation at Chogwa's Issue 7 reading
- reading "gimme love: for my class of 2020", "Love Turns My Thumb Green", "Bride" and "translation of hi how are you it's been a while since we last talked" at Peach Mag Present s05e01
- reading "this house." at Afro Puff Chronicles' Socially Distant But Closer Than Ever Open Mic
- reading "Bride", "this house.", "autopsy, but flourished with prayer", and "the daughter returns to the window" at Gaia Rajan's BIPOC Teen Poetry Reading
- reading excerpts from "Original Sin" at 2020 Nation YoungArts Week


- Interview with PublishYOUth
- Interview with Farside Review


- 2022, 2021 Best of the Net nominee
- 2022 Wigleaf Top 50 Longlist
- 2020 National YoungArts Finalist in Creative Nonfiction
- 2019 National YoungArts Merit Winner in Creative Nonfiction
- + a handful of regional Scholastic Writing Awards :)